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Kaliningrad region

Kaliningrad region – is the most western Russian region situated in the center of Europe. Region has no land border with mainland part of Russia, in fact, it is semi-exclave territory with access to the Baltic Sea on the South-East. By land Kaliningrad region borders with Lithuania on the North and East, on the South with Poland.

The natural landscape of the region is unique on its small area adjoin sea, two bays, more than 250 rivers and lakes. Climate-balneological resorts in Svetlogorsk (former Raushen) and Zelenogradsk (former Kranz) are popular among tourists for over two hundred years. Temperate maritime climate, peat therapeutic mud, hydromineral resources are promote the development of health tourism.

On the territory of Kaliningrad region situated a National Park Curonian Spit - a peculiar and unique place, one of the World Heritage Site listed by UNESCO.

Kaliningrad region has all resources for the development of cultural tourism due to its rich history and advantageous geopolitical position. There are over 2000 historical and cultural heritage sites on the territory of Kaliningrad region, 788 of them are in state records, 29 sites of historical and cultural heritage are of federal importance. Fortifications of XIX and early XX centuries preserved in Kaliningrad are unique and have no analogues in Europe.

Today, the Kaliningrad region – is the center of business activity, is a region of Russia and Europe cooperation. Businessmen from many countries pay attention to a dynamic growth of economy of the most western Russian region.


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