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Tourist and recreational cluster “Koenigsberg” in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is a city with a rich history. Was founded in 1255 by King Ottokar, the name – “Royal Mountain” (german Koenigsberg) was in honor of the castle which became the center of the city. In the period from 1773 to 1945, Koenigsberg was the center of the province of East Prussia. Before the Second World War, the city was a major scientific, industrial, transport and tourist center.

By the end of Second World War, according to the Potsdam Conference, the Northern part of East Prussia and Koenigsberg moved to the Soviet Union, at first temporarily, but then, this decision was confirmed at the signing of the Treaty of Borders. New history of the city began in 1946, after renaming to Kaliningrad.

Today Kaliningrad is a major administrative center of Russia, with developed industry, transport infrastructure, scientific and educational activities and international links.

One of the largest projects to revive the image of old Koenigsberg implemented in Kaliningrad will be a new hotel-residential complex “Koenigsberg”. Complex under construction is a residential district in the historic city center, stylized architecture of prewar Koenigsberg.