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Tourist and recreational cluster “Neukuhren” in Pionersky urban district

Pionersky is one of the resort towns of Kaliningrad seaside. Manufacturing is a significant component of the town, there is an ice-free seaport and at the same time there is spa, medical and recreational facilities.

Neukuhren village leads its resort history from the beginning of the XIX century. It becomes a famous spa resort for a family holiday, which attracts visitors from all over Europe. The first resort building built merchant Douglas, he had extracted an amber in the village. When amber reserves depleted, the industrialist had to find a new niche, and so he had successfully engaged in the spa business.

Pionersky town during Soviet and in new Russian history inextricably linked with the development of fishing industry. At the time, the therapeutic infrastructure also developed, for example, children's sanatorium in Pionersky earned repute as a wonderful rehabilitation center for children with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

To the undoubted benefits of the Pionersky as a resort refer a temperate maritime climate, ice-free sea, a wide sandy beach, significant reserves of pure artesian and mineral water. Deciduous mixed forests dominated here, and experts traditionally distinguished favorable environment.             

It is important, that the international port of Pionersky is convenient for receiving and parking of recreational marine vessels. Consequently, up to date, the construction and reconstruction of the port is a priority project. Its successful implementation will be a powerful incentive for the development of tourism infrastructure throughout the county, and will allow the town to take a high position in the tourism industry in the region.